Innovative Solutions to address global megatrends

Global megatrends have a significant impact on the use of our most precious resource, Water. Demographic changes, the need for greater sustainability, the fight against infection in healthcare environments and the increasing digitalisation of our lives require more holistic solutions.

Our next wave of innovations addresses these global megatrends. Our residential bathroom solutions provide unprecedented convenience & flexibility, our commercial solutions stand out with cost efficiency and durability and our healthcare solutions look deeper into infection control and provide uncompromising hygiene.

But we invest in more than just product innovation. We are creating a different experience of doing business with Ideal Standard, making it easy and convenient to connect with us, across categories, through enhanced digital applications and value added service. Helping our professional customers advance their business, this is what our Mission stands for. To offer them solutions that respond to their challenges and meet their needs, that make more effective use of water, are easier to install, more durable or use innovative materials and shapes.


Latest Innovations

Unprecedented hygiene: Aquablade®

The optimal flushing, even at low water volumes, is the most effective use of water possible. It also greatly reduces splashing during flushing, resulting in far less cross-contamination. The revolutionary Aquablade® flush technology today optimizes the water flow within the bowl.



In 1979, Ideal Standard set innovative standards in toilet hygiene with the invention of the first toilet with no overhanging rim. Aquablade® employs innovative Microslot technology, which along with its smooth surface, makes the Aquablade® toilets not only cleaner, but easier to clean. The optimal flushing, even at low water volumes, is the most effective use of water possible. It also greatly reduces splashing during flushing, resulting in far less cross-contamination.

The new technology is also 25% quieter than traditional toilets. Aquablade® is available across many Ideal Standard bathroom ranges and models, including: wall-hung, back-to-wall and floorstanding bowls, and the Connect, Connect Air, Tesi, Dea, and Tonic II ranges.

Sustainability: Intellimix™ Washroom Airport Cameo V2 3k (FLAT)sm

Ideal Standard is revolutionising the tap with the upcoming launch of Intellimix in early 2018, representing a major advance in sustainability, hygiene and user experience. A highly innovative appliance, Intellimix is fully automated and delivers both soap and water from a single outlet as it combines a sensor tap with a built-in soap pump.

Intellimix represents a dramatic leap forward in industry sustainability. Its technology regulates the overall amount of soap and water used, eliminating spill and wastage and reducing usage by almost 50%. Intellimix greatly increases hygiene, as traditional soap dispensers and tap operation – which are touched with contaminated hands and harbour germs – are no longer necessary.

Durability: Ceraflex®

Ideal Standard’s new Ceraflex® range offers a high standard in bathroom and kitchen fittings. Made in Germany, the Firmaflow™ ceramic disc cartridge of the innovative Ceraflex® range is robust and resistant – to an unprecedented industry levels. Ideal Standard invented the ceramic cartridge in 1969 and has refined it throughout generations to reach optimal reliability and durability. The result is a cartridge that will last nearly twice as long as the industry standard: 500,000 cycles, offering 10 to 15 years of regular, daily use. Ceraflex® bathroom and kitchen taps are highly efficient and cost-effective. Proven Ceraflex® CLICK technology limits water consumption with a mechanical stop that limits water flow to 50%. The range also comes with Ideal Standard’s BlueStart technology and the EasyFix system.

The new Ceraflex® series of taps is available as an aesthetic and efficient addition to sinks, basins, bidets, baths and showers. It comes in deck, wall mounted and built-in configurations, to suit all needs. Ceraflex® taps combine perfectly with Ideal Standard’s ranges of ceramics.

Infection control: Markwik & Ceraplus 2.0

The new Markwik 21 and Contour 21 clinical basin, tap and fitting ranges offer unprecedented hygiene innovation and bacterial prevention.

AS_Contour21_S044401_Ambt_GB_A6682AA_a_LRsm AS_Markwik_A6682AA_Cuto_GB_a_LRsmThe Contour 21 clinical basin features advanced drainage to combat water pooling, which is a source of bacterial growth in clinical, back-outlet basins.The Contour 21’s outer surfaces feature thinner, more angular rims, steeper slopes and a smaller back area—all designed to avoid water pooling and facilitate easy cleaning. The new HydroFin is an innovative fin to the base of the Contour 21, which deflects splashing and reduces it by nearly 100%.

Both the Contour 21 and Markwik 21 range include the integral SmartGuard antimicrobial additive technology, which reduces the threat of cross-contamination and helps keep surfaces clean and hygienic across their lifetime.

Like the Contour 21, the new Markwik 21 range also features a very low static water volume, and boast material and simplified internal designs to reduce the risk of bacterial build-up. The range is almost entirely free of polymers, and contains more glass, brass and SmartGuard, antimicrobial copper components, minimizing the likelihood of Pseudomonas infection and other growths.

The easy and flexible installation options of the new Contour 21 and Markwik 21 ranges makes them simple to install, even by one person. All Markwik 21 taps are fully compatible with Pall Medical sterilising water filters, adding an extra barrier against infection.

tpic_new_products_archimodeEasy installation and design freedom: Archimodule & Easybox

Archimodule, the modular fittings system from Ideal Standard delivers total bathroom configuration flexibility, combined with flawless aesthetics. Archimodule’s system components can be freely configured, ensuring almost limitless flexibility, and its design enables precision mounting and waterproofing. Components are simple to install with the revolutionary Easybox installation technology.

Easybox incorporates FAST-FIX, an innovative mounting concept to deliver simple, effortless installation in every potential mounting situation, and the time-tested DICHT-FIX waterproofing system, which provides triple protection against water penetration both internally and externally.

The Archimodule system comprises a wide range of components, including rain showers, handsprays, washbasin units, integrated bathtub solutions and fittings.