Our employees are at the heart of our business, so we strive to provide them with a workplace that meets the highest possible standards of health and safety.


We Value Safety

As a founding partner of the European Healthy Workplaces Campaign, the health and safety of all our employees, at all times, in all sites, in all countries and at every single level of the business is of the utmost importance. All our employees deserve to work in the safest possible environment and we regard their health and well-being as a core value of our business.

We strive to provide safe and healthy workplaces. Our safety professionals constantly match and improve prescribed industry safety standards and share this knowledge within our global framework. We are proud of the achievements we’ve been able to make thanks to the commitment of our employees and our investments drive in providing a safer work place for all.

“Safety starts with each and every one of us. Our commitment to the European Healthy Workplaces campaign is a natural extension of one of our company’s core values to Care for our Well-being,”

David Tjong – Global Director,
Health, Safety and Environment