We strive to make sure that everything we do has a positive impact on the environment, people’s lives and personal safety.



At Ideal Standard International, we consider the management of our environmental impact as being a pivotal part of our business strategy. Whether it be in terms of product development, packaging or production of our bathroom collections, we are committed to maintaining an approach that seeks to minimise its impact on the environment. We promote the efficient use of materials, energy and water. Wherever possible, we aim to minimise waste.

We comply with the standard, legislation and codes of practice in all the regions we operate in.
Practical measures to help the environment include:

  1. Energy and water savings: In France, one of our plants has reduced water consumption by 77%. This has been achieved through a number of measures including the use of rainwater diverted from the roof of the factory to flush toilets and wash floors.
  2. Water recycling: A plant in Italy has reduced water consumption and costs by implementing a successful waste water recycling project. They now recycle more than 70% of the water used in the plant and have reduced the amount of water purchased from 50,000m3 to 15,000m3, saving €30,000 Euro per month in water costs.
  3. More environmentally friendly packaging across all our product ranges.

We also aim to provide water and energy saving innovations via our product solutions, continuously finding ways in which we can help consumers save water.


We are committed to people’s safety in all aspects of our business. This includes our work places which are noted for having world class safety performance; our products with features like our ‘cool body’ technology which prevents the taps from getting dangerously hot, and our thermostats.